Mar 20, 2013

practice makes perfect

Rehearsal dinners are probably the most over-looked event in the wedding process.  There are a lot of frazzled nerves the night before the wedding so it is no wonder brides and grooms might keep the rehearsal dinner simple and sweet.  But rehearsal dinners need a little love too!  This is the last time you will gather with your family and friends as a single girl or gal and it is a perfect time to thank all of the special people who have come together to make your wedding memorable. One good way to do this is to use photos of family and friends in your decor (like in a couple of pics above.)  So have some fun and reward yourself for all of the sweat and tears you have poured into your wedding!

Happy Planning!


  1. are you getting married darlin or am I behind? Or is this just a pinterest post! if so it can be very addicting. :D

  2. Nope I have already tied the knot:-) Just love all things WEDDING!

  3. I love the photo collage table runner and the invitations! I loved our rehearsal was a fun night before the wedding!

  4. Love the Pic idea. Fantastic! Visiting by way of Meet and Greet - aka Espacularaiesa


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