Aug 10, 2014

we have moved!!!!

We have moved our blog over to our new website!  Head over to to keep up to date on all of the Co.42 news!!!

Jun 24, 2014

giveaway ~ angie w.

Check out this giveaway by Angee W.  This beautiful bridal clutch is embellished with Ostrich feathers and is absolutely stunning!  Head over to the Etsy Wedding Team blog to enter the giveaway!

Happy Planning!

May 30, 2014

giveaway ~ purple lemon designs

Check out this giveaway from Purple Lemon Designs!  This giveaway is for a super cute custom stamp.  Go over to the Etsy Wedding Team blog to enter!

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Apr 22, 2014

Apr 11, 2014

kendra plastow styling

Head over to the Little Big Company The Blog and check out the post on the Gold Glitter & Hot Pink 30th Birthday by Kendra Plastow Event Styling.  Kendra used our gold drink stirrers and food skewers!  We love her work! So talented! So pop over and see the amazing photos!

Mar 31, 2014

wedding place card GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

Co. 42 is giving away 50 Wooden Flower Place Cards!  Please check out our blog post on the Etsy Wedding Team Blog.  You can enter and get all the fabulous details about the giveaway on the blog!

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Jan 18, 2014

co.42 featured on emmaline bride!

Co.42 was featured on Emmaline Bride.  Check out the post on "Table Number Mistakes To Avoid." The post has great advice on selecting the best table numbers for your wedding and we love that she used our table numbers as her examples!

Dec 9, 2013

giveaway~paper flora

Enter to win this great giveaway by Paper Flora.  Just go to the Etsy Wedding Team Blog and enter for your chance to win this great shabby chic clutch. The giveaway ends on Dec 15th so dont 

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Oct 20, 2013

work in progress ~ lauren's "foxhall" wedding

We love the little details at Co. 42 so when Lauren contacted us to design drink stirrers for her wedding, which has a very unique theme, we were excited! Lauren is getting married at a venue called the "Foxhall." You don't see a fox theme with accents of blue and green plaid for a wedding very often.  We love when something different comes our way! 

Lauren's invitations are letterpressed with gold script.  Foxes accent the design and the envelope is embellished with blackwatch plaid. We wanted to create something that would coordinate with her beautiful invitations.  Below is the inspiration for Lauren's design.  

Happy Planning!

Inspiration photos from the Foxhall in Atlanta, GA.

Design Inspiration

Lauren's Drink Stirrer Design

Oct 1, 2013

co.42 photo shoot ~ sneak peak

We got the pics back from our photo shoot and we couldn't be happier! Rachel Absher with Rachel Absher Photography did an amazing job! The entire photo shoot we had to battle rain, lighting and lack of sunlight. But in the end we got the job done and our photos look great. We plan to upload them all to the store in a week or so. I want to say a few "thank you's" to all the people who made this photo shoot possible and all the great vendors we worked with.

Thanks to my mom and my sister Kerry who were troopers and battled the elements with me.  The photo shoot would have been 10x harder if you two were not there.

~Thank you to Rachel Absher for your amazing work and the ability to produce beautiful photos even while wiping rain off your camera lens every 10 seconds:-)

~Thank you to Lana from Fairbanks Florist.  I literally just showed up with flower containers and said have at it and she created wonderful floral pieces for the shoot with little to no direction.  They were beautiful!

~Thank you Judy with Sweet Hearts Desire for creating the fabulous cupcakes for the shoot.  They all turned out beautiful. 

~Last but not least a big thank you to Lisa from Wish Vintage Rentals. She supplied amazing vintage pieces that really made the shoot that much more special. All of the pieces were great and she really went above and beyond to accommodate us for the shoot.  


Photo Credit:  Rachel Absher Photography

Photo Credit: Rachel Absher Photography

Photo Credit: Rachel Absher Photography

Aug 15, 2013

angelorian tradition = fabulous giveaway

Check out this great giveaway from the Angelorian Tradition!  Crystal's items are beautiful, so enter soon and you might snatch up these wedding cake forks, 50 custom wedding penny favors and a matching lucky penny for the bride's shoe.

Happy Planning!

Jul 25, 2013

Funny wedding photos...are they a DO or a DON'T?

Sometimes life sends you little presents....right to your inbox!  My friends and I are funny...well we think we are funny and we tell others that we!  We are constantly searching the web to find the best....and sometimes super inappropriate photos to share.  That got me thinking about wedding photos...and I have seen my fair share of ones that really make me wonder....what in the???

I know every bride is different and what might seem like a genius idea to one....looks like a hot mess to another!  I try not to get such enjoyment out of the know the ones. The ones that 99.9% of the population look at and think "WOW!"  and not wow in the good in the very bad, were you drinking till dawn, then slid out of the back of a Nissan with your wedding dress on saying "LET'S DO THIS!" So I thought I would share some of my favorites I have seen....and let me start by saying "you're welcome!"

"Attention rider....please remain seated until the bridesmaid comes to a full and complete stop"

"ehhhh that'll do"

"You know what would make a REALLY GREAT wedding photo for our album?"

"Attention Storm look like idiots" 

You might want to put the finger away friend and take a look at your new bride....that says more about you than it does her  ;)

"MOM?!?! DAD?!?!'ve gotta be kidding me...put down my baby and back away slowly!"

"Ok hold on...he is coming out breach...but I can feel the head...he is almost out"!!!
 I apologize in advance if these photos are of you or your family.....I am really, really sorry ;)

Much love and laughter,

Jul 2, 2013

yummy ~ signature drink

Oooh Martha, Martha, Martha!  I should have known when I saw the picture that the link would take me to her website :)  I think every party should have a signature drink!  You work so hard to create an amazing food only seems right not to forget about the beverages!   I am a sucker for decorated rims....I mean really....who doesn't love the way it looks!!  This one is by far my favorite looking drink...I have yet to try it but it has all my yummy ingredients so I am sure it would be fabulous!!  I would like to introduce you to the "Starlight Royale" !!

I can hear the gasps from over here :))))  Isn't she lovely!  Now who wouldn't want to take a little sip from that beautiful sugared rim!  I am sure you could make a non alcoholic version of this quite easily!  I also couldn't help but think how our Company Forty Two Drink Stirrers would work quite fabulous with this drink....or any drink for that matter :)

So let's all make a toast to summer drinks and fabulous parties!

Much love and laughter...

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