Apr 2, 2013

work in progress ~ follow the yellow brick road

Here is a work in progress piece.  Camille, a client of mine, is throwing a Wizard of Oz themed bridal shower.  I love themed parties! Not only are they fun for guests but they give your party structure during the planning process and in turn it makes the event easier to design and plan.  Inspiration for these colors were "Over the Rainbow."  This is such a cute concept and I am glad to have been a part of it.

Happy Planning!


  1. LOVE this!!! Now I need to think of an even cooler idea for my bridal shower.....or wait....that would be YOU who needs to come up with something even cooler....phew!! Having you plan all my wedding "stuff" is going to be AWE-someeeee!!!!

    1. Ummmmm I am busy from now until forever! Sorry I would have loved to work with you but I am just SWAMPED!!!;-)

  2. Very pretty and fun Shelly, hope your catching up or at least catching your breath:)


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