May 16, 2013

welcome christy

With Co. 42 growing (which we are so excited and thankful for) we need a little extra help.  So we would like to welcome Christy to our team!!!  Not only is she a wiz on the computer and great with all things social media, she is also my sister. I am so glad she has decided to join Co. 42.  Christy will be contributing to our social media, providing her input on the Co. 42 blog and helping behind the scenes. Welcome Christy!!!
(We will all just pretend I am not wearing a mom obviously thought it would be cool to dress me up as "Kernal Sanders" ;-)) 


  1. Hi there! Just stumbled across this absolutely gorgeous blog! Going to pop over and see the store now. Newly following and looking forward to reading your posts.

    Leanne x

  2. Leanne I am IN LOVE with your Snap Couture website! I am going to contact you through that site:-) ~ Shelly


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