Jun 20, 2013

something different ~ ohhhh how I could use one of these!

When my sister asked me to come on board to be her....Internet guru....as she calls it (still trying to come up with something fabulous as my title)...I couldn't help but smile and say "What took you so long"  :)  I must say I stalk the Internet....I research everything to death and would NEVER make a hotel reservation without combing through the countless review boards for such things.  If you want to know where to eat, where not to eat, where is the best place to get your tan on or anything else...I'm your girl!   I also find myself looking for something crunchy, tangy, sweet, spicy or anything else in the cracker type category as my go-to-fuel for such demanding research!  Then that leads us to the crumbs....lots and lots of crumbs!  I look down at my keyboard sometimes and think...did I eat ribs at some point or maybe something with jam on it???  I mean seriously how can one persons keyboard get so funky?  So I research to find something fabulous to clean up after me....I originally thought of some sort of fan that would actually suck up the crumbs before they landed on my keyboard.....surprisingly that doesn't exist....yet ;)   I was off to find the next best thing..... 

The Keepit Clean Keyboard System!!!   :angels singing:  Yes it will clean all your snacking indiscretions away with a few swipes of the handle!  YES, YES, YESSSS!!!   I will no longer have to deal with the snarky, sideways looks I get from my people....I mean I thought everyone had a few crumbs in their closet!  I have placed my order and cannot wait to try it out!  I have a giant bag of something super crunchy just waiting to be inhaled! I will make sure and post my super scientific findings for you! 

Well, that didn't hurt so bad....my first Company Forty Two blog post.....I look forward to sharing more of these with you!   Ohhh and if you have any suggestions for my title please feel free to share it with us.....and I would not be opposed to have princess somewhere in that....just sayin ;)

Much love and laughter...

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