Oct 20, 2013

work in progress ~ lauren's "foxhall" wedding

We love the little details at Co. 42 so when Lauren contacted us to design drink stirrers for her wedding, which has a very unique theme, we were excited! Lauren is getting married at a venue called the "Foxhall." You don't see a fox theme with accents of blue and green plaid for a wedding very often.  We love when something different comes our way! 

Lauren's invitations are letterpressed with gold script.  Foxes accent the design and the envelope is embellished with blackwatch plaid. We wanted to create something that would coordinate with her beautiful invitations.  Below is the inspiration for Lauren's design.  

Happy Planning!

Inspiration photos from the Foxhall in Atlanta, GA.

Design Inspiration

Lauren's Drink Stirrer Design

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  1. This place looks so beautiful! I love the designs you came up with for her, they are truly classic♥


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