Oct 11, 2012

trick or treat

I love Halloween and it has been my favorite holiday since I found out Santa wasn't real.  What a sad depressing day...but I digress. I love Halloween because it is scary and spooky. But the candy, now that it reason enough to love the holiday!  Over the years I have seen photos of some amazing Halloween weddings. I would have loved to do this on my big day but I didn't have the nerve.  So living vicariously through the photos above, I have complied some of my favorite Halloween designs.  I am looking forward to adding more amazing photos once "Halloween 2012" has come and gone.

Happy Planning!
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  1. Fabulous idea! If I ever get married again - although I'd have to get divorced first - this is what I'm doing.

  2. I am with you Elizabeth. If we ever decide to renew our vows a Halloween renewal is definitely the first option on my list.


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