Jul 25, 2013

Funny wedding photos...are they a DO or a DON'T?

Sometimes life sends you little presents....right to your inbox!  My friends and I are funny...well we think we are funny and we tell others that we are.....so...!  We are constantly searching the web to find the best....and sometimes super inappropriate photos to share.  That got me thinking about wedding photos...and I have seen my fair share of ones that really make me wonder....what in the???

I know every bride is different and what might seem like a genius idea to one....looks like a hot mess to another!  I try not to get such enjoyment out of the ones....you know the ones. The ones that 99.9% of the population look at and think "WOW!"  and not wow in the good way....wow in the very bad, were you drinking till dawn, then slid out of the back of a Nissan with your wedding dress on saying "LET'S DO THIS!" So I thought I would share some of my favorites I have seen....and let me start by saying "you're welcome!"

"Attention rider....please remain seated until the bridesmaid comes to a full and complete stop"

"ehhhh that'll do"

"You know what would make a REALLY GREAT wedding photo for our album?"

"Attention Storm Troopers....you look like idiots" 

You might want to put the finger away friend and take a look at your new bride....that says more about you than it does her  ;)

"MOM?!?! DAD?!?!.....you've gotta be kidding me...put down my baby and back away slowly!"

"Ok hold on...he is coming out breach...but I can feel the head...he is almost out"!!!
 I apologize in advance if these photos are of you or your family.....I am really, really sorry ;)

Much love and laughter,

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