Jul 2, 2013

yummy ~ signature drink

Oooh Martha, Martha, Martha!  I should have known when I saw the picture that the link would take me to her website :)  I think every party should have a signature drink!  You work so hard to create an amazing food menu....it only seems right not to forget about the beverages!   I am a sucker for decorated rims....I mean really....who doesn't love the way it looks!!  This one is by far my favorite looking drink...I have yet to try it but it has all my yummy ingredients so I am sure it would be fabulous!!  I would like to introduce you to the "Starlight Royale" !!

I can hear the gasps from over here :))))  Isn't she lovely!  Now who wouldn't want to take a little sip from that beautiful sugared rim!  I am sure you could make a non alcoholic version of this quite easily!  I also couldn't help but think how our Company Forty Two Drink Stirrers would work quite fabulous with this drink....or any drink for that matter :)

So let's all make a toast to summer drinks and fabulous parties!

Much love and laughter...


  1. This is such a pretty drink! Amazing for a cocktail hour : ) Just browsing your Etsy site and you have beautiful stuff!
    Karen @ Karen's Soiree


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